Lee Marks exhibited Andrew's Nights in Provence photographs.

Andrew's exhibition at the Iris Gallery in Cincinnati received a very thoughtful review on AEQAI.

Andrew's Post-Industrial Rust Belt photos were featured on New Landscape Photography.

Urbanautica published an interview with Andrew.

Andrew was interviewed by the FotoFilmic website.

Provence was reviewed by The New Yorker and The New York Photo Review.

Andrew's Post-Industrial Rust Belt photos were shown at the Joslyn Art Museum February 7-May 17, 2015.

Andrew's night photos of Provence were on exhibition at the Sasha Wolf Gallery January 14-February 22, 2015.

Andrew's New Heartland photos were featured on the Politico website.

The New York Times used four of Andrew's photos in a story about the end of the American Dream.

Andrew's Lincoln Highway photos were featured in Design Arts Daily.

Andrew's work was on the Online Photographer website.

The Japan Times published thirteen of Andrew's photos in an article about nuclear power.

A short film about Andrew, part of a series about Cleveland Arts Prize winners.

Compromised Paradise: The Gulf Coast in the 21st. Century, Andrew's on-line exhibition at the Forward Thinking Museum.

Looking for the American Dream: Andrew Borowiec's Ohio Photographs at the Akron Art Museum February 20 - May 30, 2010.

Andrew took part in the 50 States Project in 2009. Check their website to see the results.

The blog Reciprocity Failure called Andrew Borowiec an "undervalued master."